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JahPenée Productions: The Go-To Placement Agency of the Entertainment Industry is a Film/TV Production Co. that specializes in pre-to-post production & casting.

A Film/TV Production Company that handles pre-to-post production needs for executive producers, indie creatives and more. JPP is focused on providing a powerful source of creative opportunities within the industry for indie and professional actors, models, dancers and production crew. We are affiliated with several major production companies that specialize in all that it takes to make a production come to life! As the industry oracle of life's evolution, we here at JPP,  believe that team work, makes the dream work and that your network is your net worth. So, what are you waiting on?

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Pondering Soul
Marble Surface

we are...

The staff at JPP is dedicated to developing creatives ideas onto a reality platform.  JahPenée Productions is a new start-up entertainment business. The idea of our business is to connect investors, creators, creative talent and crew. What makes JPP  different from our competitors is our standard hands-on process. Our team becomes your team on your project. This tactic assures our clients' success in the completion of their projects.

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our projects.


A post-schizophrenic artist  opens up to two eccentric lovers that makes her question the meaning of freedom.



an excerpt from RAIN -


RAIN is on-screen. Black and white.

​​                                    RAIN

Extreme highs. Extreme lows. Mood swings. Hallucinations. Waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Believing. Thinking. Knowing... no one else see's them.

Rain blurs into the background.

Suddenly dizzy, Rain throws the bracelet.

In a flash, she pushes everything off the desk.


Image by Adrian Swancar
Image by Atharva Tulsi


Going back is not moving forward, but it is moving. Sometimes I wonder if being still, in my silence, will move my mountains. Heal these wounds. If I could heal my people. Find a cure for my sister. Make a decision and stick with it.


Bare some grandchildren for my parents. Be the girl they always wanted me to be.


Or be me. If I could just stay right here. In this moment. In this peace. Make it last forever. No moving back. Nothing at all.

                                                  RAIN GRAY 

                                                  (deep sarcastic sigh)                      

                                                  Guess that's why we paint.


Rain scrambles through the massive clutter. She finds the bracelet and claps it on her right wrist.


Pops three pills and swallows. She picks up her pencil, grabs the sketch pad and walks to the kitchen.



Jacelyn is the Founder/Creative Director of JahPenée Productions: The Oracle of Life's Evolutions, a Los Angeles & Minneapolis based Film/T.V. Production Company that provides pre - to- post production through outsourcing projects, creative consulting and casting services, with a primary focus on the ‘under-dog’ of the industry.


JPP has provided over 200 job opportunities within the entertainment industry. Since it’s creation in 2014, JahPenée Productions has produced and co-produced a variety of projects from the mini-documentary psa about skin bleaching epidemic and it's harsh health defects, "New Afrikan" to the vampire dramedy, “Vasspire” (Season 1 & 2) webseries, FUSE: an annual Celebrity Gifting Guite for the EPSY  Awards (2016-2018), to a Grammy Award winning ensemble and 25 member orchestra for the 2018 SuperBowl,  A Tribute to Motown (musical) in St. Paul, Minnesota to developing two documentaries: The Mexîca Tribe and WeNextArtists representing the lonewolves of East Side Saint Paul, Minnesota. Jacelyn was just named one of HYPHENOVA TV's Creative Director and Producer,



A production wherein Jacelyn starred in as Mary Wilson of The Supremes and Patti LaBelle, which received nightly standing ovations. She was joined with her father as Music Conductor and Show Composer over a 12 member band. JPP has provided creative consultation and lead production on webseries,  “Love & Consequences”, Sparkle Productions touring theatrical play, “ROXY”, Mahoghany Girl Productions, ‘Miss Greater West - Coast Pageant’, HitMakerSocietys’, ‘The Instagrammyz” Award Event for social media influencers and more.


Jacelyn has worked as a songwriter, production assistant, studio manager, Head of A&R and as the Creative Director  (2013-2018) of HitMakerSociety: a music production company based in Los Angeles, California. Jacelyn has performed  background vocals on several HMS artists’ albums, has co-written several songs and co-wrote her debut single, “Beautiful Me” in 2013, with her father and HMS music producer, Sedrick Blicman, one of Grammy Award winning, Tricky Stewarts’, music producers. Jacelyn recently started her own music label and publishing company under the umbrella of JahPenée Productions: 42Music Label & Publishing. Her first signed music artist is upcoming AfroFusion Artist, BERI. aka @thatboyberi. She taught BERI. acting and modeling at John Casablancas in 2017, and in the Spring of 2020 BERI. was lead by GOD to seek out Jacelyns' assistance and guidance with his music career. Since then, the two have had several tours for the release of his new ep, "THATBOY", where the #ENDSARS and racial injustice unifying stadium track, "Revival" and pool party winner, "Summertime" play over and over on local radio station KMOJ 89.9FM in Minneapolis and WISHFM in Nigeria and on mulitple popular streaming services. Jacelyn has her eyes set on the future and the future is now!

JahPenee Beauty Shot.jpg


In 2018, Jacelyn was honored to be featured as RollingOutMagazines: “Renaissance Woman”, highlighting her professional successes within the entertainment industry as an actress, screenwriter, producer,  A&R Executive for HitMakerSociety, Creative Director of JPP and Agency Director of Model and Talent Management Agency - Minneapolis. Jacelyn is currently writing a tv series focused on the lgbtq community,  two coffee table books titled: ‘JahPhilosophy’ and ‘PowerQuotes’ based on the people in her hometown Minneapolis, and seeking ways to provide opportunities for her community through her production company and agency. She is also developing an apparel line, PowerTeeQuotes, an online e-commerce apparel line for the urbane sophisticate.


In 2019, Jacelyn was honored by her alma mater, the historical black university and founding college of the Civil Rights Movement, Alabama State University with the “Fifty Under 50 Award” for excellence in her industry as an alumni. Jacelyn has worked with Emmy Award winning actors in the short films, ‘More Than Meets The Eye'. Jacelyn was awarded "Best Comedic Actress' Award for her leading role in, ‘Happily Married After’  and is currently writing a television series catering to the lgbtq community by exploring stories that ignite the familiarity in the human experience no matter the choice of gender or sexual preference. Jacelyn has held a presence at the historic Pan African Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival, Black Hollywood Film Festival and more with raving reviews regarding her performance! She is a focused trendsetter and an innovative giant on her way to quickly becoming a mogul.



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